Edinburgh and London   (My Travels)


...  There’s plenty of old locomotives, cars, spare equipment, and volunteers everywhere working to maintain trains, restoring old items and rebuilding from scratch what couldn’t be saved. There’re also long rails to operate trains, show actions and move visitors around the many areas, and time elapses without ever noticing. Until the afternoon is over and we’re ‘pushed out’ and forced to go back home.

It has been a pleasant day, unexpected and very interesting. And my hosts make it perfect by letting me have dinner with them at their home.

August 10th

An holiday without some rest wouldn’t be fair, and today is planned as ‘relax day’. Thus I enjoy an English breakfast in the hotel, some sun in the gardens around it, then some shopping and a few hours at my hosts’ home, where I’ve lunch before getting a lift by car to the airport.

Once more, the weather turns rainy only after I’m safe inside the airport premises, and my flight back to Italy being three hours late isn’t a problem: just an opportunity to start reading a new book while waiting, and enjoy a light dinner at the airport’s restaurant before flying home.