Edinburgh and London   (My Travels)


August 8th

The weather keeps being warm and sunny, and my next flight is planned late in the afternoon. Thus I’ve time to go back down-town - my hotel is in the western outkirts, close to the airport - and I can spend some time walking in my favourite spot, i.e. the Princess Gardens.

A lot of people are all around: tourists are strolling in the promenades, young people are sunbathing in the lawns, and a few townspeople are hurriedly walking and look almost annoyed by the crowd.

Some lazy hours flow quickly, and then after a light lunch it’s time to reach the airport for my next transfer to London. British security at airports is tightened up, and today I’m probably

showing the terrorist’s look, as both my luggage and myself are fully searched before letting me embark on the plane. A funny dash: after I reached the airport premises it has started raining.

The flight to London is smooth, the weather is sunny, and after landing I am turned into a ‘safeguarded guest’. First a lift by car to the hotel, then some rest, and then I’m ready for ...