Edinburgh and London   (My Travels)


There was no special planning around this trip. After so many times when I’d unsuccessfully tried to attend the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, and either some hitch had caused me to change plans, or I’d been too late and tickets were sold out, I simply decided that this had to be the right time.

Thus, at the end of May I purchased tickets for this year’s Tattoo official opening, and that forced me to save the date: any further step was left open, apart from my usual decision that any trip to UK has to include at least a flying visit to London.

Up to the very last moment, I was uncertain whether I should fly by plane, or travel by car. Then, in the week preceeding departure I resolved my mind: I booked flights and hotels, and was ready to go.

August 7th

Late in the morning, a (not so very) low cost flight brings me from Milan to Edinburgh, in time to leave my luggage at the hotel and, after changing to formal suit, to have some time left for a walk in the ancient part ot the town. As I’m going to realize later in the evening, I’ll be the only visitor at the Tattoo wearing a tie (I’m not counting some special guests in the private booths), but I believe that the event deserves my respect.

The main streets in older Edinburgh - High Street and Lawnmarket towards Castle Hill - are crowded with people who seem to have gathered here from all around in the world and ...