L’arte della guerra

    (The Art of War)

by  Christian Duguay    (2000)

with  Wesley Snipes

DVD-2    [thriller, B3]

L’attimo fuggente

    (Dead Poets Society)

by  Peter Weir    (1989)

with  Robin Williams

DVD-2    [romance, B2]

L’Era Glaciale

    (Ice Age)

by  Chris Wedge   (2002)

DVD-2    [USA, cartoon, B3]

L’Era Glaciale 2 (Il disgelo)

    (Ice Age The Meltdown)

by  Carlos Saldanha    (2006)

DVD-2    [USA, cartoon, B3]

L’uomo che cadde sulla Terra

    (The Man Who Fell to Earth)

by  Nicolas Roeg    (1976)

with  David Bowie

VHS    [USA, SF, B3]

La calda notte dell’ispettore Tibbs

    (In The Heat Of The Night)

by  Norman Jewison    (1967)

with  Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger

DVD-2    [thriller, B2]

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