Eric Frank Russell

Missione su Jaimec


Mondadori, 2008    [SF, Ita, J2]


Thrown, alone, on Jaimec, a hostile and hazard full planet, James Mowry is in the troubled position of being the only one fughter engaged in a suicidal mission: he has to wear out the enemy building up a set of calculated, hard hassle actions. Moreover, the enemy general staff must believe that they aren’t faced by a lone invader, but by a full fledged strike force, efficient and camouflaged. It is the beginning of James Mowry’s odyssey on Jaimec, a race against time amd death that keeps the reader with bated breath, pushing him through situations as much extreme as ingenious. “Urania” is proud to present again a new generation of readers with this classic of English science fiction, newly translated.


I hadn’t read this story when it was first published, about fifty years ago, but Russell is a well renown SF writer, and I bought this book persuaded that, having lost the original issue, I might be having a second opportunity to read one of his beautiful stories. Unfortunately, it has proved to be a dated story, recalling moods and ideas that were customary when the book was first published, but have lost some strength and most of its humour after so many years. One can still smile at the silliness of authorities and bureaucracies and at the way they are mildly mocked, and can perhaps read the whole story without regretting the time spent reading, but today - even after receiving a more modern translation - this book looks more like a light pastime than a breathtaking story.


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