London and Hamburg   (My Travels)


... in both my new TomTom software and my iPhone’s ability to work as a navigator too, as they’ll have to drive me to the new home of my English hosts.

The feeling between these gadgets and myself has room for improvements, but the day is long and in the end I’m able to reach my destination, after having unnecessarily traveled through probably all of the lovely countryside south-west of London.

The new home of my hosts is very nice, and I enjoy being with them.

But my main reason to come here was meeting the new toddler, and what is left of this afternoon is focused on becoming acquainted with him.

May 28th

The small town where my hosts are now living is lovely, but a bit out-of-the-world too.

Thus, since one of my hosts is busy at his office and the other can’t drive cars, I’m appointed to the new job of ‘family driver’, and I get committed to driving a young lady and the toddler to all the shopping centres in the neighbourhood, with my car ...