London and Hamburg   (My Travels)


This trip has had a long making, and on the way many different goals were added to the original intention.

The first idea had spread off from the desire to meet a new member of the family, who was expected to join us at the beginning of May, and a ‘touch and go’ by flight in the weekend looked like the simplest solution.

Then, because of some impending duties at my office, I had to delay my trip by a couple of weeks with no sure date about when I could really accomplish it, and that forced a shift toward a car journey. And it gave me the idea that the trip could also become a test-drive for my new car.

And at that point, gaining from the flexibility offered by car trips, I changed my visit to the new-born into a true holiday, adding some further destinations as places to see too.

May 26th

Time to go! After too many delays in the delivery of the new car (more than two months), after all the last-minute requests at work (one more thing before you shut down your Mac, please...), after the doubts about the trip schedule (how many places will I really succeed in visiting?), today is the departure day, and I’m leaving.

Weather forecasts are favourable, at least till late in the afternoon, and I plan enjoying the tourist side of the trip as  ...