Some rules may help to better surf this area.

Two major sub-divisions lead respectively to the models I own (‘Trains’) and to the layout that I’m expected to build (‘Layouts’).

The ‘Trains’ sub-division is structured in seven sections, one for each category which at the moment make my collection.

The first four sections deal with the so-called ‘mobile’ items (Locos and Cars) and share a common content: manufacturer, manufacturer code, kind of item, road name, road number, coupler type, and status.

Two other sections (Accessories and Vehicles) keep a similar content, but may miss some data, whenever they aren’t applicable.

Inside each of these six sections, items are ordered by manufacturer (alphabetical), manufacturer code (numerical), and road number (when applicable): the remaining data are placed as comments, and may be further enriched when useful.

The last section (Books) reflects the layout of the ‘My Books’ area, and is taken apart from all my other books only because of my special interest on the railroading topic.

The ‘Layouts’ sub-division is under development and still to be defined.


    Steam Locos

    Diesel Locos

    Freight Cars

    Passenger Cars