Site’s Scope


This site is mostly related to my main hobbies, i.e. reading, listening to music, looking at movies, travelling, a few sport activities, and - last but not least - model railroading.

A reference to most of these hobbies is easy, and may be simple. For instance, I’m only listing the sports I practice, without comments: I can ski, I like biking, running, swimming, and sailing kayak.

I spend a few more words about the books, the songs, and the movies I own, listing those titles in my libraries which impress me most. Thus, by looking at some of the relevant labels in my shelves, one can be able to build her/his own opinion about my tastes.

My travels is mostly a reminder of those places, usually abroad, where I enjoyed spending some pleasant times.

Things get more complex when I deal with model railroading, as true model railroading should include building layouts and moving trains on them, and in the past I did very little in that area, mostly focusing myself on collecting models. Things are expected to change in the near future, and leaving a trace of that development is one main reason underlying my decision to build this site.

No further areas are planned at the moment, and different topics - if any - will only be posted in my blog. Depending upon how things will evolve there, the site might become less selfish, sometimes in the future.